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The new Faculty of Architecture and Design (FAD) provides over 25,000 square meters of creative education facilities and anchors the southwest corner of the decade old campus designed by ARK. The existing campus is acknowledged through a sensitive siting of FAD to make a strong and impactful new entry plaza. The plaza and building will dramatically transform the use and activity in the lower campus quadrangle, while strongly connecting to the upper main quadrangle in front of the student center designed by ARK a decade earlier. The general form of the building, the expressed geometric rigor of the design, and the resulting spatial patterns within the building emerge from three major forces: #1 - The “split-level studio section” at the center of the building which results in a visual and physical connection between all spaces. #2 -The design’s overall triangular geometry generates a proportional system that relates all parts to the whole. #3 - The “diagonal spatial flow” of the interior connects the primary FAD entry directly to the main quad of the campus and to the central critique/lounge spaces of the building. Continuous sightlines throughout unite spaces of creation and critique, encourage interdisciplinary discourse, and enhance the sense of peripheral vision for students and faculty. The interior functions of the large lofty studios and the central split-level lounge/critique spaces are expressed in the western facing triangular composed façade framing panoramic views of the adjacent forest and sprawling city of Istanbul beyond. The solid/void composition of the corten façade mitigates the low angle western sun while echoing the slope of the building site and adjacent forested hillside.

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