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Architectural Designer


ARK's newest building reaches completion in Istanbul. A landmark for

Ozyegin University, the new building

provides over 25,000 square meters of creative education facilities and anchors the southwest corner of the decade old campus designed by ARK.   


ARK design team is working on an exciting new mixed use master plan within the mission district of San Francisco.  


ARK design team re-envisions the "tiny home movement" with a modular home for everyone.  


Before forming ARK, the leadership of ARK spent the last 20 years as design leaders at large architectural offices in New York City.  Their global expertise is wide ranging including large scale master planning, educational, mixed use, and retail buildings.



The ARK design team is composed of a talented group of young designers from around the world that work directly with the leadership team to deliver quality contemporary designs inspired from the local culture, tradition, climate and landscape.


ARK''s studios are located in the tranquil setting of the university village of Princeton, New Jersey and the vibrant urban setting of Istanbul.  This contrast of locations brings a unique vision to the work of ARK. 


The ARK team used careful analysis, practical consideration, and 3d physical and computer models to design the western facing facade of the new Faculty of Design at Ozyegin University. 


The modular flexibility of the Domino Home is demonstrated  in this cool GIF.  


The ARK team believes strongly in the "comparative process of design"  and uses this process to explore ideas for all of its design projects.  

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